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Askos in the Form of a Duck (c. 350 BC Greece)

Country of Origin



c. 350 BC


Glazed Terracotta


  4.75inch high
(  12.06 cm high)


Fine condition.

Description / Expertise

This charming duck askos (a type of vessel for holding perfumes, oil or unguents) was made free-form and thus possesses a certain vivacious spontaneity not often found on more common mold-made examples. The artist has beautifully captured the duck in repose, its neck bending backward so that its head rests against its wing. The black-glazed surface has been enlivened with white paint indicating the wings, beak and accenting the applied eye. The pouring spout is cleverly hidden in the duck's tail feathers. The wheel-made funnel-like opening mounted to the duck’s back is unusually large and suggests that it was intended to accommodate some precious liquid, perhaps wine, oil or perfume.