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French Barometer-Thermometer in Lacquered and Giltwood (c. 1772 France)


CHARLES CICERI (worked c.1760-c.1790)

Country of Origin



c. 1772




16.50inch wide   41.50inch high
(41.91 cm wide  105.41 cm high)


In fine condition.


Charles Ciceri, Paris, France
Private Collection, France

Description / Expertise

Signatures and inscriptions : On the thermometer : « Con.[stru]it par Ciceri suiv.[an]t Mr de Réaumur. » On the barometer: « Construit par Cicery faiseur de baromètres de Madame la Dauphine et de Madame la contesse de Provence en 1772, demeurant à Paris, Grande Rue du Faubourg Saint-Antoine à la Tête Noire. »

Charles Ciceri, whose name was sometimes spelled Cicery, (d. aft. 1786) was one of the most famous Parisian makers of barometers and thermometers of the second half of the eighteenth century. He also built up a large business in scientific instruments, importing particularly the works of the well-known English mechanical expert Jesse Ramsden.

In 1770 he obtained the title of « Maker of Barometers to Madame la Dauphine », in other words, of Marie-Antoinette, spouse of the by then still young heir to the crown.

This title thus became in 1774 « Maker of Barometers to the Queen ».

In 1771, Ciceri had obtained the one of « Maker of Barometers to Madame la comtesse de Provence », that is to say Marie-Josèphe de Savoie, Marie-Antoinette’s sister-in-law and spouse of the future king Louis XVIII. Having acquired other prestigious titles, he ultimately assembled them and took the one of « Maker of Barometers to the Royal Family. »

He was so well-considered that in 1780, Louis XVI purchased eight barometers of various kinds from him out of his private purse.

He also supplied several items to Benjamin Franklin during the latter’s stay in Paris.


Inscribed and signed