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Sèvres Déjeuner Courteille (1783 France)


SÈVRES (worked from c.1756)

Country of Origin





Rosalind Savill, The Wallace Collection Catalogue of Sèvres Porcelain, Vol. II, 1988, pp. 612-616; this set referenced on p. 616

Description / Expertise

Comprising a tray (plateau Courteille) , a teapot (théière Calabre),
A sugar box (pot à sucre Bouret, 2nd size) and four cups and saucers (gobelet litron et soucoupe)
This set with its unusual violet ground is listed in both the painters’ and kiln records of the Sèvres factory on 8 April and 29 July1783 respectively: “1 Déjeuner Courteil de sept pieces, frize riche et fond violet” (Vj2, f.132v; and VI2, f.64)


Dated 1783, interlaced L’s, date-letter ff, painter Jacques-François-Louis de Laroche ( flowers, ground colors and patterns op. 1758-1802) and painter/gilder Jean-Pierre Boulanger (op. 1754-85)